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Policy – Receipt of funds
Author Danielle Hine Date 27 November 2017
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Available to all members (& parents) when paying deposit and balance of fees.  Available on Club website.


1               Introduction

Clear clarification of expectations regarding payment of fees and entitlement to refunds.

Whilst the Club does not intend to unreasonably withhold payments, administration costs, volunteer effort are incurred as a result of player withdrawals.   There is a need to balance a player’s entitlement to a refund with the player (members) responsibility to consider the Club’s interests and obligations.

By paying the non-refundable deposit and registration fees a player (member) is deemed to have committed to the Club for the full season.

1.1         Purpose

To ensure there is clear understanding from all relevant parties, once the non-refundable deposit and registration fees are paid to the Club, that no refund will be given.

1.2         Scope

Once a player has been registered for a season, refunding of that registration is not permitted, in line with most other associations, the Club will retain the registration fees if a player withdraws after registration.

Registering to play denotes an ongoing commitment for the season and is relied upon by the Club to carry out significant season administration, selection process and ongoing charges. Player withdrawals after registration are disruptive to team selection/coaches and create considerable work for volunteers.


Refunds do not apply for:

  • Voluntary withdrawal
  • The player’s registration is withdrawn by Club for breaches of Code of Behavior or other reason.
  • Withdrawals after two thirds of fixtures for any reason.


Voluntary withdrawal

Where the club accepts full or part payment from a player and that player consequently withdraws from the club on a voluntary basis, no refunds will be paid.

Withdrawal in the following situations constitute voluntary withdrawal:

(a) Player disagreement with another player/players

(b) Player disagreement with a team official or club official/officials

(c) Disagreement between parents of youth players in the same team

(d) Disagreement between parents of youth players and team or club officials


In addition, for the avoidance of doubt, refunds are not given for:

  • Withdrawal after two thirds of fixtures, for any reason
  • Dislike of the team into which the player has been selected
  • Dislike of the allocated coach
  • Unavailability to train at the allocated time/day
  • Preferences not being met eg: not playing with friends
  • Dislike of the grade in which the team is playing in
  • Dislike of the low team number designated
  • Other sport/social commitments
  • Change of mind by players/parents
  • Breaches of Code of Behaviour
  • Parent/coach given lower ranked team than expected

1.3         Other related information

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2.      Timeline

Player Trials – offer of position in team

Payment of non-refundable deposit

Payment of balance of registration

Season commencement – no pay, no play

Refund policy to be held on website

3.      Out of Scope

The club will only refund fees if the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances that are medically related and can be sustained by a doctor’s certificate. Please note a medical certificate does not automatically result in a refund of registration fees, ie withdrawal after two thirds of fixtures.

Other info

Please refer to the FFV website for further info