Thank you for joining Ringwood City Soccer Club.

Our 2020 Outdoor Season fees

Boys and Girls under 7 kick off : $415
Girls u7 7 U8 : $250*
Boys U8 to u12 : $485
Girls U10 to U12 : $485
Boys & Girls u 13 to u15 : $610
Boys & Girls U16 to U18: $670
Senior Men and Women: $670
All Abilities : $30
JBNPL : $1500.
* The club has decided to subsidies the girls fees at this level to encourage participation.

Please follow this link to register for 2020 season and pay your $150 deposit, balance of all fees will be due 1st of March 2020.
All the returning players must register for their places in 2020.

Schedule of community trail sessions

U14 male born 2006 Thursday 7th Nov @6:00pm
U14 female born 2006 Thursday 7th Nov @6:00pm
U16 male born 2004 Thursday 7th Nov @7:30pm
U16 female 2006/05 Thursday 7th Nov @7:30pm
U8 male born 2012 Saturday 9th Nov @10:30am
U9 male born 2011 Saturday 9th Nov @10:30am
U10 male born 2010 Saturday 9th Nov @11:30am
U11 male born 2009 Saturday 9th Nov @11:30am
U12 male born 2008 Saturday 9th Nov @12:30pm
U8 female born2012/13 Sunday 10th Nov @9:00am
U9 female born 2011 Sunday 10th Nov @9:00am
U10 female born 2010 Sunday 10th Nov @10:00am
U11 female born 2009 Sunday 10th Nov @11:00am
U12 female born 2008 Sunday 10th Nov @11:00am
U13 male born 2007 Tuesday 12 Nov@6:00pm
U13 female born 2007 Tuesday 12th Nov@6:00pm
U15 boys born 2005 Tuesday 12 Nov @7:30pm
U18 male born 03/02 Tuesday 12th Nov @7:30pm
Under 7 kick off Saturday Morning for all players boys and girls turning 5,6 or 7 in 2020