Welcome to Registration for Ringwood City FC

For a ‘printer friendly’ version of these instructions please follow this link Guide to Player Self-Regsitration  and open the file to print

Please note that Player registration is required by, at latest, the end of February each year to ensure that effective team planning and registration can occur for the subsequent season.

All Junior players (i.e. those playing in the U12 – U18 age groups) must upload a current photograph to their details on the MyFootballClub website.  Please ensure you have a clear photo of the player ready to upload.  This photo will be used for team prints outs for each game and you will not be able to play until a photo is uploaded.

Start Here:

Go to the MyFootballClub website – www.myfootballclub.com.au  and click on Register Now and Register.
(Note: if you wish to continue to refer to these instructions during the registration process you will need to open a second window in your browser and go to the MFC site from the second window).

  1. Select Player Registration
  2. You will be given 3 options. Choose which option best suits your circumstances.  See below

Select Option 1 if you know your FFA number.  Follow Option 1 instructions below.

Select Option 2 if you have registered before but don’t know your FFA number.  Follow Option 2 instructions below.

Select Option 3 if you have never registered before and need to obtain a FFA number.  Follow Option 3 instructions below.

Guide to player registration

Option 1 – Registering online

You will proceed to the Login Page. Enter FFA number

  1. If you have forgotten your FFA number click Find FFA number and follow instructions for Option 2 below
  2. If you forget your password you can click Need Password.
  3. You now have the opportunity to input the email address you think should be in the system.
  4. If there is a match you will be sent your new password. Enter this password and login to the system. Go to Step 6
  5. If your email address doesn’t match, you will have 2 options; Try Again, or select Validate Account

Validate Account – You will be given the option to enter your First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Post code and Last known Club.

Email Address: If the information entered matches the information in the system, you will be given the opportunity to enter your email address. You will then be emailed a new password. Enter this password as well as the FFA number in the log in page . Go to step 66. You will be taken to your Player Homepage. This page will contain information regarding previous registrations and information concerning your current registration. Click Register Now to commence the registration.

7. Checking and Updating Player details – check and update contact details below.  Once the details have been reviewed click- “Proceed with Registration” to move to the next stage of the registration.

8. Upload a photograph – click add new image

  Note:The photograph uploaded may be used for player identification purposes and must be of sufficient clarity and currency for those purposes.  A current photograph is mandatory for all junior (U12-U18) players.  Photographs are not required for senior or SSF (U11 and younger) players.

 9. Select a club – begin by typing the name of your club in the box below.  If you played in 2013, the club you played for will pre-populate in the Club Name box.  Ringwood City’s full name is Ringwood City FC.



If you see the following error, select “OK” and ensure that the correct Club Name (Ringwood City FC) is typed in and selected from the drop down box.



10. Once you have selected your club the roles button will be activated – Select Player.

 11. Select Registration Package . PLEASE SELECT A REGISTRATION PACKAGE APPROPRIATE TO YOUR AGE RATHER THAN THE TEAM YOU WILL BE PLAYING IN.  This ensures the club only pays the appropriate FFV/FFA fees for your age.

Please note that if the player is planning to register for Future stars or Mini Matildas, they should be registering through sporting pulse and NOT MyFootball. You can exit MyFootball now without causing any issues and click on the appropriate link below.

Future Stars –


Mini Matildas –


Select Registration Package that applies to you:

Registration Package Applies to:
Boys/Girls Mini Roos (Age 7 -11) Players   aged 7 – 11 years
SubJunior   (Age: 12 – 15) Players   aged 12 – 15
Junior   (Age: 16 – 18) Players   aged 16 – 18
Senior   Men (Age: 19 – 35) Male   players aged 19 – 35
Senior   Women (Age: 19 – 35) Female   players aged 19 – 35
Vic Soccer Team Players for Men’s metro team playing in the Victorian Soccer League
Senior   Women / Men (Age: 36+) Players   aged 36 or over


*The player’s age is their age on December 31 of the registration year.  It is not their age at the time of registration.

*ALL players should register within their actual age group regardless of the team in which they intend to play

*Senior (36+) does NOT imply a Masters / Veterans team – it is required to match the FFV registration fee structure.

12. Click Add Packages and the registration details will then appear as highlighted above. Click on inclusions to view breakdown of the registration package. If you don’t want to proceed with this package, click the red cross next to inclusions.  Once you are happy with the registration package selected, click next
13. Read and acknowledge all Terms and Conditions by checking all boxes and then click on “Next”.
Step 1:  You have the option to purchase Ringwood City merchandise
Merchandise available Item Price
 backpack with logo Ringwood City backpack $34.99
 bag_masitaRCSC Ringwood City bag $41.50
 rain jacket_line Ringwood City Rain Jacket $49.50
 blackjacket with logo Ringwood City Jacket $34.99
 functional shirt with logo_line Ringwood City Training shirt $21.00
 RCSC-Scarves-225x300-crop Ringwood City Scarf $19.99
 silver1 Personalised Metallic Drink bottle (silver or white) $19.99
shinguards Masita shinguards $27.00

Merchandise can also be viewed and ordered from the Maxigear website (http://maxigear.net.au/?product_cat=ringwood-city-merchandise)  and paid for on collection.  Clothing can be tried on before ordering to determine sizing.  Simply call me (0409131294) or email me, susan@maxigear.net.au to make an appointment .  Maxigear will only hold limited items so most stock will have to be ordered (Ringwood City Fleecy excepted). Be sure to order your gear by Feb 29 to ensure your order is available for season kick off on April 10.   Maxigear will be in contact with you regarding sizes or names for personalised drink bottles.

Step 2: You will be given the option to “Pay Now” OR “Invoice Me”

If you want to pay online, continue to pay your registration fee on-line via Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa).  You will now no longer be charged extra for using online credit card service.  Please note family discounts however are still not available for this option.

If you would rather pay at the club  select “Invoice Me”  – You will  receive an invoice via email.  Print this and take it to the club on registration day (February 13, 10 – 2pm) or another time designated for taking payments  (to be announced).Alternatively send a  money order or cheque made payable to Ringwood City Soccer Club to following address:

The Treasurer
Ringwood City Soccer Club
PO Box 590
Vic. 3135

See note at end if you either do not receive an invoice or you wish to print another copy. 


15. Answer the “Additional Questions’, click on “Save all answers” or click on “next”. 

Your Online Registration is now complete!

What happens next?

The Club Registrar will complete the final step of accepting your registration to make you Active and finalize your registration with FFV to make you eligible to play.

Successful registration will result in you being sent an invoice via Email. For more information please contact:

Susan Palmer on 0409 131 294 or via e-mail registrar@ringwoodcitysc.com.au


Julie Wade on 0447 664 426  or via e-mail treasurer@ringwoodcitysc.com.au

For more details on updating My Details or where to get help see end of this guide.

 Option 2 – Obtaining FFA number

  • Enter the player’s details as listed on the screen.   Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format.  Hit search button once player details are entered.
  • If no player appears in existing accounts box (make sure details are correct!), but you have played football in the last five years (and therefore have been allocated an FFA number) try an alternate pelling of your name (e.g. Steven v Stephen). If you still cannot find your number but you believe you should have one, please contact FFV MyFootballClub support on (03) 9474 1800.
  • Do not create account if you have been registered within the last 5 years – Contact FFV for assistance to find your FFA number.
  • If the correct player’s name comes up, please make a note of the number listed under ID and return to Option 1 instructions and the ‘Welcome to Online Registration for players’ screen (which should be still open)
  • Option 3 – Obtaining new FFA number
  • 1. If have Played Football (Soccer) in Australia in the last 5 years do not proceed with this page (go to option 2 and find your FFA number from when you last played).  If you are completely new, read the terms and conditions and click in the tick box if you agree and to proceed to registration.
  • 2. Fill in the information for the player and click Create Account.
  • 3. You will receive an email either as a new user or returning user in the system.  This will contain your FFA number and Password, which you need to login into the system.
  • 4. Go to option 1 and register.
  • Where do I go for help?
  1. Susan Palmer on 0409 131 294 or via e-mail registrar@ringwoodcitysc.com.au
  2. Michael Mounsey on 0421 567 228 or via e-mail treasurer@ringwoodcitysc.com.au
  3. FFV MyFootballClub support – Ph: 9474 1800 and follow the prompt (2) to MyFootballClub support or Email myfootballclub@footballfedvic.com.au
  4. FFA Support  Centre Ph: (02) 8020 4199 or e-mail myfootballclub@footballaustralia.com.au
  5. Player resources (Videos/Manuals)  which is available via www.myfootballclub.com.au under 2011 Registration > Resources
  6. FAQ’s on the MyFootballClub website or FFV Website via www.footballfedvic.com.au (under Registrations > MyFootballClub)
  • Updating your Details
  1. Click on “My Details” then “Edit My Details” to update your Personal and Contact Details. Finalise by clicking Save My Details
  2. You may also Change your Password in this section by clicking “Change Password” and clicking “Save”
  • How do I print my invoice?
  1. Go to http://www.myfootballclub.com.au/2010Registration/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Under LOGIN LINKS, select Player Login
  3. Use FFV Number and Password as used previously when registering.
  4. The screen below will appear
  5. Under “My Invoices” you can view the current or previous invoices.
  6. Once you select the view button, you can see all relevant invoice details.  The system will ask you to select print or send via email at the bottom of the invoice.
  7. The user can also view that their registration is pending awaiting payment under the “Selected Member” banner.