As with most aspects of community sport, U7 MiniRoos Gala Days rely heavily on volunteers for their success – so I encourage you to get involved.

ALL Gala Days require 2 adults to act as ‘Team Officials’ and assist with each team (of 4-7 players):

  1. A Team Supervisor, who is mainly responsible for the ‘off field’ aspects of the team (management of the shirts, ensuring that the players know which pitch they are playing on      etc.)
  2. A Game Leader, who is mainly responsible for the ‘on field’ aspects of the team (coaching, instructing referee etc.).

Ringwood City Hosted Gala Days.

In the past Ringwood City has ‘set the standard’ in terms of hosting U7 MiniRoos Gala Days in this regions and if it is to continue to do so a number of other roles need to be fulfilled in addition to the above when we host the day.

  1. Grounds and pavilion.
    1. Set up of the pitches
    2. Signage around the grounds and pavilion
    3. Pack up of equipment at the end of the day
  2. Canteen &  sausage sizzle (in conjunction with canteen manager)
    1. Organisation of rosters
    2. Serving at the canteen
    3. BBQ duty
  3. Time Keeper & MC – to ensure that the many concurrent games stay in synch.  Dave Rapson usually does this – but he is more than happy to relinquish the role!
  4. Publicity
    1. If anyone has any connections in the local press, please let the club know!
    2. If anyone has any connections into either of the A-League clubs please let the club know!
    3. Please take plenty of photos for sharing on the website!
  5. Parking – assist people as they are arriving and ensure that the park in suitable areas
  6. Welcoming & friendly host – everyone’s responsibility!