How many Team Officials are required for the smooth running of an U7 MiniRoos Gala Day?

 There are 2 team officials associated with each Ringwood City Gala Day team, the Game Leader and the Team Supervisor.  The officials need to work together to ensure that the day runs smoothly for the participants.  The Game Leader is a more ‘on field’ role than the Team Supervisor.

What are the roles of the MiniRoos Gala Day team officials?

Between them the team officials need to ensure that:

  1. everyone in the team is present and organise replacements if needed;
  2. the team members (and their parents) know which pitch they are playing on and which team they are playing;
  3. the team members get to the correct pitch and are ready to play at the nominated time;
  4. team members are correctly attired (Ringwood City shirts will be provided) – laces done up, shin pads worn etc.;
  5. the team shirts are washed and returned in sufficient time to be re-used;
  6. any equipment used on the day (warm-up balls etc) are collected and returned;
  7. everyone is aware of and can find the facilities they need at the location;
  8. each child in the squad gets equal game time as far as is practical;
  9. Ringwood City
    1. acts in accordance with the spirit of the event at all times – having fun in an environment of fair play;
    2. takes its fair share of responsibility for the smooth running of the day; and
    3. acts in accordance with the rules of the event and directions of the event coordinator.

On arrival at the Gala Day the team officials will be supplied with a ‘pack’ for their team which contains:

  1. a list of the team members and team officials of each team (which will also be circulated via Email prior to the day)
  2. the instructions, ground layouts, timetables etc supplied by the host club (which will also be circulted via Email prior to the day)
  3. shirts for their team
  4. a ball for practice & warm-up

In addition, the Game Leader will be requested to supervise one or more games on the day.  To this end the Game Leader should familiarise themselves with the rules of MiniRoos Games as they apply to MiniRoos teams and check with the event organisers as to their specific interpretation for the day.