Thank you for choosing Ringwood City Soccer Club.

Deposits to secure your spots are now open via this link now!
Deposit on fees is $150 with the Balance of registration will be due in March.

Player Fees – 2020

Boys and Girls under 7 kick off (Saturday morning) : $415
Girls U7 to U8 : $250*
Boys U8 to U12 : $485
Girls U10 to U12 : $485
Boys & Girls U13 to U15 : $610
Boys & Girls U16 to U18: $670
Senior Men and Women: $670
All Abilities : $30
JBNPL : $1500
* To encourage participation the girls fees have been subsidised at this level

What’s included? The following is included, but not limited to each individual players fees:

FV players and team registration (relevant insurance), referees fees (where applicable), coaching, co-ordinator expenses, playing strip (uniform), training and match day equipment, end of season trophy (participation only for <U11). Club facilities, not limited to Council fees and rent, insurance, utilities, electricity, gas, water, cleaning, grounds etc.

How to register?

Existing Club Members At the end of each season, we will make contact with you via email (please ensure we are not in your junk mail) and fb notifications regarding securing your position for the following year.

Please follow this link to register for the season and pay your deposit. If you have played in the previous season the Club will guarantee you a place*.

* the club cannot guarantee which team you will be placed in. That will be determined at Club trials.

New members Places for new members, in many of the teams, are reliant on players not returning. If you wish to join RCSC it is important you register your interest and attend trials in Oct/Nov. Information is shared on the Club’s fb page and website.

Securing your position – paying deposit

Please follow this link to register for 2020 season and pay your $150 deposit, balance of all fees will be due mid March 2020. Please note the deposit is NOT refundable if you are offered a position at RCSC.

Please ignore dates and times on trybooking as they have passed but the deposit link is still valid.

For any other information feel free to contact me 


What age group am I in?

Under 7 kick off – all players boys and girls turning 5,6 or 7 in 2020

U8 male born 2012 U8 female born2012/13
U9 male born 2011 U9 female born 2011
U10 male born 2010 U10 female born 2010
U11 male born 2009 U11 female born 2009
U12 male born 2008 U12 female born 2008
U13 male born 2007 U13 female born 2007
U14 male born 2006 U14 female born 2006
U15 boys born 2005 U16 female born 2005/2004
U18 male born 2002/3/4