Click on this link to upload printer friendly version of the FAQ: 2014 City7s FAQ v3 

What is the purpose of City7s?

City7s provides participants with the opportunity to remain active in football after the winter season has concluded.  It is also a great opportunity for new participants to begin playing football in a fun and social setting.

What are the age groups and eligibility for City7s?

All players, male and female, aged eight or above are eligible to play City7s.

While the final age groups for the competition will be determined based on the number of teams registered in each age group RCSC will strive to provide competitions that are evenly balanced to ensure a competitive and enjoyable experience for all.  The competition age group of a team will be determined based on the age of the oldest player in that team.

What format will the games be played in?

7 v 7 games played on a half pitch and 5 x 2 metre goals.  Each team must have a minimum of seven players registered and 5 players ready to start each game.

Wednesday night games (SSF / Junior & Family / Mixed competitions) will be played as 2 x 20 minute halves.  Friday night games (Open & Senior Men’s competitions) will be played as 2 x 25 minute halves.  Younger age groups may be played on quarter pitches with 3 x 2 metre goals and fewer players.

How long is City7s and when will matches be scheduled?

 City7s will kick off on October 8 and conclude on December 12, providing 10 rounds of matches.  Matches will be played at Ringwood City’s home ground, Jubilee Park, Ringwood on Wednesday and Friday nights.  Teams will only play on one of these nights.

What are the costs involved in playing? 

Team registrations (regardless of the number of team members) will incur the advertised cost which includes a team entry fee, and all referee fees for the ten weeks of competition.  The team registration covers all necessary costs for the entire length of the season which means no money will need to be paid on any night of competition.

Note that Ringwood City expects that individuals bear full responsibility and cost for any personal injuries incurred as a result of participating in this competition.  Potential players are advised that personal injury insurance, should it be required, is available through the FFV’s Play Football program.  Players registered for the current winter season are already covered for personal injury by the FFV.  Details on how to register for the FFV’s ‘Play Football’ programs online are available from the RCSC website.

Please note that teams will not be allocated to a competition, nor individuals allocated to a team, until the team registration fee, and any applicable individual player ‘Play Football’ insurance fees have been paid in full. 

How do I register interest if I can’t fill a complete team? 

Simply fill out the registration form with your details, and the details of as many others as are interested, and send it to RCSC (Email: citysevens@gmail.com).  RCSC will endeavour to find or create a team for you to play in.

Do I have to be a registered winter season player? 

No.  City7s is available to all people wanting to play football.  Winter veterans, summer regulars and newcomers alike are all able to enjoy City7s football.  

Is there a finals series? 

No.  Whichever team finishes on top of the ladder at the end of the season will be declared ‘Champions’ of their division.  RCSC reserves the right to conduct a finals program if the competition results indicate a need (e.g. in the case of a tie for competition champion).

Will there be a trophy for the winning team? 

Yes.  There are perpetual shields which remain in the RCSC clubhouse for the winners of the following competitions: SSF, Junior, Mixed, Open and Senior Men.  There will also be up to 12 winners medals provided for each winning team.

Can I play for any team? 

Yes.  Who you play for in winter does not dictate who you need to play for in City7s. For example, in winter you may have played for Ringwood City U13 A, however in City7s you may be playing for the ‘Pythons’ in the Junior competition.

Do teams have to wear a matching uniform? 

Teams will not be required to wear a matching uniform.  However, teams can nominate a team colour and all team members will need to wear the same (or very similar) colour shirt on match day.  Shorts and socks do not have to match and bibs will be available in the case of a colour clash on match day.

All players MUST wear shin guards.

What responsibilities will Team Managers take on? 

Each team must have a designated team manager (over the age of 18).  The main role of the team manager will be to act as RCSC’s main point of contact.  Team managers will be required to provide a working email address and contact telephone number, and will be expected to regularly monitor their email account and the RCSC website for City7s updates.

Team Managers will receive the full Terms and Conditions as part of the team registration process.

The team manager will need to collect money from each of the players and pay the team registration and any applicable individual player ‘Play Football’ insurance fees to RCSC on or before Junior Presentation Day.

On match day team managers will be required to ensure that their team is ready to play at the designated kick-off time.  All team members must be wearing similar coloured playing shirts and shin guards, and all teams who delay the start of any match will be penalised with one ‘goal-against’ for every five minutes they are not on the pitch.